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Organic Purple Beauty Bell Pepper (76 days) Purple Bell is blocky in shape the way a bell should be. 3" X 4" or larger. Fruits turn an amazing deep purple almost black with a slight green undertone when ready. The flesh is green, sweet, succulent, crisp and thick walled. A very productive bell everyone should try at least once. Compact, short and bushy plant. Great space saver. You will be amazed how many peppers can fit on a 1' 1/2 to 2' plant. Purple bells make an amazing presentation in salads. Excellent Farmer's Market seller.

2 - Purple Pepper  Sweet Plants
2 - Purple Pepper Sweet Plants
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So what about the claim in which the number of lobes a pepper fruit has dictates its seediness or taste? Fact: As to a bell pepper having four lobes containing more seeds than one having three, this could be possible, but the overall size of the fruit seems to be a better indicator of this ó though I would argue that size doesnít matter. Iíve had some gargantuan peppers with barely a seed inside while some of the smaller ones have had numerous seeds. In fact, all bell peppers contain one or more chambers from which seeds develop. The number of chambers is genetic, having no impact on the number of seeds produced.


2 - Red Sweet Pepper Plants
Red Peppers for you. You have wanted to grow Red Peppers. They are sweet tender and easy to grow. Easy to plant, fast to grow, harvest is plentiful, Buy Red Pepper and enjoy.
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4 - The number of bell pepper lobes, be it three or four (or whatever) has no bearing on how sweet a pepper tastes. In actuality, the environment in which the pepper is grown and the nutrition of the soil has more of an effect on this. The variety of bell pepper also determines the sweetness of fruit. Well, there you have it. In addition to not being a factor in pepper plant gender, the number of lobes a bell pepper has does not determine seed production or taste. Guess you canít believe everything you see or hear, so donít assume otherwise. When in doubt, or simply curious, do your research.
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