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Pepper Plants Red - Orange - Purple - Black - Sweet and Some Hot A"must have" garden showcase of rainbow colored peppers.

Pepper Plants Red - Orange - Purple - Black - Sweet and Some Hot
Growing bell peppers should be done in the warm season, which usually means you donít plant them outside until sometime near Memorial Day. When thinking about how to grow peppers, remember that they prefer higher temperatures, and when you plant peppers, be sure that the chance of frost is long gone. A frost will either kill the plants altogether, or inhibit pepper growth so you have bare plants.

Itís easy to determine when your peppers are ready to harvest. Begin harvesting peppers once they are 3 to 4 inches long and the fruit is firm and green. If the peppers feel somewhat thin, they arenít yet ripe. If they feel soggy, theyíve been left on the plant too long. Sometimes, you might prefer red, yellow or orange varieties. These varieties are just left on the vine longer to color. They start out green, but youíll notice they have a thinner feel. Once they color, the peppers thicken and you can go ahead and pick them.