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This is Golden Yellow Orange Sweet Pepper. You won,t want to let anything happen to these pepper plant as they produce an abundance of sweet gorgeous peppers. When a pepper’s bottom rots, it can be frustrating to a gardener who has been waiting for several weeks for the peppers to finally ripen. When bottom rot occurs, it is typically caused by pepper blossom end rot. Blossom end rot on peppers is fixable, though.

Orange Sweet Peppers - Plant Today Peppers In 30 Days!!
Orange Sweet Peppers - Plant Today Peppers In 30 Days!!
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Pepper blossom end rot is caused simply by a calcium deficiency in the pepper plant. Calcium is needed by the plant to help form the cell walls of the pepper fruit. If the plant is lacking calcium or if the pepper fruit grow too fast for the plant to supply enough calcium, the bottom of the pepper begins to rot, because the cell walls are literally collapsing. The calcium deficiency in the plant that causes pepper blossom end rot is commonly caused by one of the following: A lack of calcium in the soil Periods of drought followed by large amounts of water Over watering Excess nitrogen Excess potassium Excess sodium Excess ammonium