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Okra - A "must have" garden delight. A great garden companion plant. Provides shade for their neighbor.

3 -  Okra Plants - Red
3 - Okra Plants - Red
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An annual vegetable that thrives in warm regions, okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) is a rapid grower. Extremely tall plants, okra can get up to 6 feet in height by the end of the summer. This makes it a useful companion in its own right to plants such as lettuce. The tall okra plants shield the tender greens from the hot sun. Plant lettuce between the okra plants or behind a row of emerging seedlings. Spring crops, like peas, make great companion plants for okra. These cooler weather crops do well interplanted in the shade of okra. Plant a variety of spring crops in the same rows as your okra. The okra seedlings won’t crowd the spring plants until temps are higher. By then, you will have already harvested your spring crops (like snow peas),