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3 Huge Horseradish legs or more. Horseradish are easy to grow. Sandy loam soil and moderate watering is all it takes. This is the original from Chez no hybrid. The hottest won Horseradish contest 3 yrs in a row against PA and NY as the hottest most flavorful Horseradish.

 3 - Huge Hot Hot Big Horseradish Plant or Process and Eat
3 - Huge Hot Hot Big Horseradish Plant or Process and Eat
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How To Plant the Big Horseradish legs. The round knob like part of the root is the crown. The crowns is where most of the growth will come. There will be growth along the long body of the root as well. Look for the knobby parts. That is were new growth has come recently.

For best results plant the Horseradish leg in a trench about 6 inches deep at a 45 degrees angle. Cover the crown with about 4 inches of soil. Water just moderately and you will have Horseradish for many years to come.