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Nasturtium Plants Orange - Yellow- Blood Red Edible Delight

 Nasturtium Plants Orange - Yellow- Blood Red  Edible Delight
Water regularly throughout the growing season, but be careful not to over-water your plants. Cutting off the faded/dead flowers will prolong blooming. If youíre growing nasturtiums in containers, they may need to be trimmed back occasionally over the growing season.

Grow very well in poor, dry soils so plant nasturtiums where other flowers and vegetables would be unsuccessful. Arenít fussy about sun or semi-shade Ė do well in both. However, in the full heat of summer, nasturtiums can suffer heat stress. Adding shade protection or moving pots to a filtered light position will keep them happy. Can be trained to grow vertically or cascade down from hanging baskets and other containers depending on the cultivar.The tender leaves have a slight peppery bite to them and are quite similar to watercress in flavour. Iíve found leaves store well in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.