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1 - Lovage plants (Levisticum officinale) grow fast and ready to harvest early Spring. Fortunately, all parts of the Lovage herb are usable and delicious. The plant is used in any recipe that calls for parsley or celery. Stalks and stems are best used in carbohydrate-based dishes such as pasta and potato recipes. Use Lovage fresh and be sure to hang some Lovage branches to dry and add to your herb collection to use during the winter when there is none.

Lovage Herb Plant- A "must have" garden delight.
Lovage Herb Plant- A "must have" garden delight.
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Lovage looks a bit like celery however, it is in the carrot family. The plants may grow up to 6 feet and bears lacy thick green foliage. The flowers are yellow and held in umbrella-shaped umbels. They grow 36 to 72 inches with a 32-inch spread. The base of the plant is comprised of thick, celery-like stems with glossy green leaves that decrease in number as you move up the stalk. The yellow flowers are arranged in umbel type clusters, which produce seeds 1/2 inch long. Sun and well-drained soils are the key to growing Lovage.

Growing Lovage requires soil with a pH of 6.5 and sandy, loamy soils. Lovage plants are hardy to USDA plant hardiness zone 4.

The "key" to keeping insects, rabbits, and pests out of your garden, plant garlic , marigolds or mums in between your plants.