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Why buy 3 year Asparagus Roots for sale? Asparagus Asparagus 1 year roots $1.00. Where To Buy 3 year Asparagus Roots?

Buy from a farm that digs them special for your order. We do not store roots in coolers and then ship them to you. We dig your Asparagus Order and ship same day.Our goal. From our Asparagus Farm to you.

Asparagus roots are easy to plant fast to grow and come in many varieties. Asparagus roots are gardening delight. Buy Asparagus roots near me.

A Asparagus root is 3 years old i mature, No waiting years for the Asparagus roots to mature. Image your garden full of Asparagus waiting for you to harvest. The advantage to buying 3 Year Asparagus roots mature with well developed crowns. The Asparagus crowns are round and firm ideal for producing many spears for a great Spring harvest. You are at the Asparagus Farm Store. Be sure to visit the web site Andy's Asparagus Acres.com http://www.andysasparagusacres.com/index.html

Or contact us at: 931-254-0972 asparagusfarm2018@gmail.com

Andy's Asparagus Farm produces 3 year old Asparagus Roots Crowns For Sale. Where to buy Asparagus roots, buy Asparagus roots and crowns for sale online at Andy's Asparagus Farm.

Welcome to Asparagus Acres - Andy's Asparagus Farm Store. We are a 3rd generation Asparagus Farm that specializes in growing many 3 year old Asparagus. We grow the following varieties of Asparagus:

Asparagus Varieties:

* Heirloom - all natural spears

* Jersey Knight - thin slender spears

* Jersey Giant - short thick spears

* Jersey Supreme - average size spears

We grow the Asparagus Crowns to 3 Year 2 Year 1 Year size. Then we turn the Asparagus roots crowns over to you to plant in your garden. Soon you will be harvesting Asparagus spears.

The "key" to growing Asparagus is not where you live and your garden zone but the type of soil the Asparagus is planted in. Asparagus like a sandy loam soil that drains well and just moderate watering.

There is no one particular variety of Asparagus that grows any faster nor better than another. Buy a variety of Asparagus to garden, Buy the type of spears you like to eat. For example: thin spears - Jersey Knight: short thick spears Jersey Giant: average size spears Jersey Supreme: all natural average size spears - Heirloom.

Asparagus are a "must have" garden plant that will give you many years of great harvest.

Be sure and read the Web Site. It is important that you know what you are buying and how to plant. Read or call as there are no refunds on cancelled orders and the roots are live plants therefore no returns. For information on How To Grow Asparagus go to this link http://www.andysasparagusacres.com/index.html

Or contact us at: 931-254-0972

Now is the time to order Asparagus for Spring planting. We sell out fast.

Happy to be a part of your Asparagus gardening plans.2019