Buy Asparagus roots 3 year, plant and pick in 3 weeks. Easy to plant fast to grow gardening delight harvest in 3 weeks. Buy Asparagus roots for sale. Asparagus return for 15 years early Spring.

4 - Globe Artichokes Plants for sale are fast to plant easy to grow. A "must have" gardening delight. Globe Artichokes produce many Artichokes. Plant Artichokes Globe this Spring and enjoy fresh Artichokes early Fall. Shipped as bare root and main branches.

4 -  Globe Artichokes Plants -
4 - Globe Artichokes Plants -
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4 - Globe Artichokes Artichoke Globe. Easy to plant fast grow. Produces many Artichokes. Where to buy Artichoke plants roots. Plant this Spring and enjoy fresh Artichokes early Fall. Artichokes do not ship before end of April.

They like to eat so be sure and feed them at least once a month. Use 1/2 strength plant food. Tip: They like to eat fix your compost to match 20-10-20. If possible, morning sun afternoon shade.

For Artichoke Planting Guide Visit: http://www.andysasparagusacres.com/andyartichokes.html Or call 931-254-0972