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Dark Purple Basil is a robust basil with large, savoyed leaves; it may grow 2 feet high and act as a significant accent in the garden, especially when paired with green or silver herbs. Its flowers are light lavender with a dark fuchsia throat. Purple Ruffles lacks the more assertive anise fragrance of Dark Opal.

2 - Basil Purple Dark Opal Super Gorgeous!!
2 - Basil Purple Dark Opal Super Gorgeous!!
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Purple basils, like green ones, have the typical four-sided stems of the mint family, Lamiaceae (Labiatae), and carry their flowers in whorls of six blossoms each on spikes of varying length. Blooms begin opening at the base of the spike and work their way to the top. And purple basils have wild, flirtatious genes that give rise to many varietal changes.