Buy Asparagus roots 3 year, plant and pick in 3 weeks. Easy to plant fast to grow gardening delight harvest in 3 weeks. Buy Asparagus roots for sale. Asparagus return for 15 years early Spring.

Buy Andy's Energy Drink- Compost Tea is fast and easy to use. Feed your Asparagus roots. Comes in zip lock bag. 4 tablespoons to gallon of water . Two Asparagus Energy Drink will make enough for 25 Asparagus roots to be fed twice a month till the end of summer. The Asparagus Plant Energy is all organic and formulated to keep the proper pH for your Asparagus to grow at a happy and optimal pace.

Andy's Asparagus  Energy Drink Organic Compost Tea
Andy's Asparagus Energy Drink Organic Compost Tea
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Product Description

Andy's Energy Drink is easy to prepare. Buy Compost Tea just add water. Where to buy Compost Tea near me? We have taken the work out of making compost. Two bag will feed 25 Asparagus Plants fast and easy to use gardening Asparagus solution. The Asparagus Energy Drink takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. Here we go. Mix 3 4 tbs. in 1 gallon of water. Place the gallon in the sun for 2 hours and it is ready to use. Use in place of watering. Can be used as many times as you like as it is all organic therefore no chemical build up in the soil.