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White Sage native to the Southwestern and prefers as much sunlight as possible and hot temperatures. It thrives in a desert environment, meaning extreme high humidity can cause issues.

3 - White Sage Plants
3 - White Sage Plants
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White sage plants need dry, sandy soil that drains extremely well. If planting Sage in a container use is a cactus potting soil mix. If growing in a container, be sure it's one with ample drainage holes in the bottom.

During the spring and summer, use a liquid fertilizer once a month when watering your sage plant to supplement growth as the plants develop. In the early stages of growth, water your white sage plants more often

. ​When the top of the soil feels dry to the touch, water until it starts to run through the drainage holes or until water has permeated about 12" deep in the soil.

When harvesting sage leaves, remember that if you snip off the lower part of the stem, no more leaves will grow. Cut the stem close to the top to get the maximum amount of leaves off of a single white sage plant.