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Signet Marigolds - The Edible Marigold Plant with great flavor . Signet Marigold Flowers are edible. Make your favorite tossed salad and add Signet Marigolds. Or add as a decoration to ice cream or puddings and cakes. Every one will be wanting your recipe. Signet adds color and flavor to any recipe.

 3 - Signet  Marigold - Edible
3 - Signet Marigold - Edible
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Signet Edible Marigolds are easy to grow. And here's how to plant them. Plant in some sandy loam soil that drains well.A pH close to 7.0. Water them moderately and that is all it takes to have a great edible Marigold garden. Signet Edible Marigolds are small plants yet with many blooms. Producing non stop flowers all season. The Signet are ideal for containers for your patio or walk way. Plant Signet Edible Marigolds and enjoy a season of non stop blooms and a special flavor for those favorite recipes.