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4 - Rainbow of Amazing Color in Sweet Bell Peppers. Red- Yellow - Green and Purple. Fast and easy to grow, A sandy loam soil. The soil must drain well. Full sun if possible, if not at least 5 hours of sun. Water as needed do not over water. Feed once a month. And you will have a show case of Sweet Peppers to harvest.

5 -  Pepper Plants $12.00 Red -Yellow - Green - Purple, Orange
5 - Pepper Plants $12.00 Red -Yellow - Green - Purple, Orange
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4 - The number of bell pepper lobes, be it three or four (or whatever) has no bearing on how sweet a pepper tastes. In actuality, the environment in which the pepper is grown and the nutrition of the soil has more of an effect on this. The variety of bell pepper also determines the sweetness of fruit. Well, there you have it. In addition to not being a factor in pepper plant gender, the number of lobes a bell pepper has does not determine seed production or taste. Guess you canít believe everything you see or hear, so donít assume otherwise. When in doubt, or simply curious, do your research.