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Celery plants should be kept moist at all times, after all they were originally a wetland plant. If celery is allowed to dry out the stalks will get stringy and bitter. Watering is important in dry weather with more frequent attention much better than ocaisionally soaking the beds. Regular hoeing to keep the weeds down is also essential but be careful of the shallow root system when doing so.

3  - Celery Plants - Fast and easy to grow.
3 - Celery Plants - Fast and easy to grow.
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The best stems are usually found just after the canopy has closed over (if you're growing in close together).

Harvest the whole celery plant by gently forking it out of the ground. I wouldn't get greedy with the size as large stalks can be stringy.

A trick to keep celery for longer is to harvest early in the morning, trim the leaves off and store in a plastic bag in the fridge. It should keep for 2 weeks or so.

The trick with growing celery is to take a lot of care sowing your transplants, making sure the plants never get stressed or pot bound. When planted out remember celery is originally a wetland plant so make sure the soil around it is kept moist otherwise you'll end up with stringy and bitter stems.