Buy Asparagus roots 3 year, plant and pick in 3 weeks. Easy to plant fast to grow gardening delight harvest in 3 weeks. Buy Asparagus roots for sale. Asparagus return for 15 years early Spring.

Jumbo Garlic Plants For Sale. Jumbo Garlic Herb Plants. Jumbo Garlic Pest Control

30 Jumbo Garlic Plants
30 Jumbo Garlic Plants
Item# 40jumbogarlic

Product Description

Jumbo Garlic Herb Plants For Sale. Plant Jumbo Garlic easy to grow. Plant shallow just press lightly into the soil. Full sun and moderate watering is all it takes to have a garden of Jumbo Garlic. Enjoy Jumbo Garlic as a culinary herb and also watch the bugs and rodents run from your garden. They can not tolerate the Sulfur that is released from the plants.