Buy Asparagus roots 3 year, plant and pick in 3 weeks. Easy to plant fast to grow gardening delight harvest in 3 weeks. Buy Asparagus roots for sale. Asparagus return for 15 years early Spring.

Jersey Knight Asparagus 2 Year Crowns Root 25 for your garden. produce many thin slender spears. Easy to grow and Jersey Knight . Easy to plant fast to grow gardening delight.

 Jersey Knight Asparagus Roots Crowns  - 2 Year
Jersey Knight Asparagus Roots Crowns - 2 Year
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The Jersey Knight Asparagus roots like all Asparagus roots require a sandy loam soil to grow in. The soil should have some good depth to it. And here's the reason why. The two year Asparagus root crowns plants are large roots. However it still has at least two more years to growing to do to reach its maximum mature size. And the Asparagus roots like to grow down into the soil. Prepare you soil well add in some peat moss, sandy, compost some Asparagus Plant Food and till all. Now your off to a good start.


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Andy's Energy Drink for Asparagus is an all organic way to feed your Asparagus roots. Andy's Energy Drink is fast and easy to use. Fast . . . fill a 1 gallon jug with water. Now add 3-4 tablespoons of the Andy's Energy Drink and place in the sun for a few hours. Now the Energy Drink is ready to use. Use as often as you like as it is all organic and therefore no chemical build up. Fast and Easy and best formulated for keeping your Asparagus happy healthy and producing great harvest each season.
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